Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line
What is A.C.P. ?

A.C.P. is aluminum composite panel line, it is a new technology building material, the panel is a composite consisting of two layers of aluminum sheet sandwiching a polyethylene core produced from a continuous extrusion process.

  • Big Cost Saving- Million Dollars per Year
  • Environment-Friendly -100% recyclable materials
  • More Competitive Price

Increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability with our new Aluminum Composite Panel production line. Alumax takes pride in delivering the most advance & highest quality of CES-ACP (aluminum composite panel) production line. Core Material Now high mixing ratio 40% LDPE and 60% filler (additives) can be extrude through our new Cost Effective Solution ACP production line. This new line is not only to cut down more core material but also improve the lamination process and efficiency. New line is more environment-friendly with less material cost. Most of all, our new Cost Effective Solution ACP (aluminum composite panel) Production Line could save 65% material cost about MILLION DOLLARS / year.

Both stable quality control and competitive price have been achieved by applying our advanced extrusion technology which can produce uniform quality of regular and FR composite panels. Under proper formula, customers could manufacture the following Flame Retardant Panel.

Class B1 (DIN4102)
Class B (EN13501-1 standard)

Why Use ACP as Ideal Choice of Building Material ?

It is light in weight, versatile and rigid that can be fabricated and clad on flat or curved surface.

The outer aluminum sheet for exterior application ACP panel is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon coating, you can also choose to have special nano PVDF coating with self-clean feature instead of normal PVDF coating on the surface; the lower aluminum sheet is polyester coated.

Our technically advanced production equipments is designed with optional feature for producing A2 fire-proof grade ACP; to achieve safety standard of A2 fire-proof grade, a special composition of mineral and PE core must be used in extrusion process. Our optional extrusion machine is especially designed for continuous extrusion of such material.

Standard available size of ACP panel is from width 1200mm ~ 1600mm with available thickness from 2mm ~ 6mm. Our special designed ACP production line equipment - ACP2000 can produce up to 2000mm with of panel, hence providing more possibility and choice to cope with future market demands.

Do you know ?

ACP can be used for producing panels for trucks and trailers.

Benefit of Alumax CES ACP line and traditional ACP line
Alumax CES ACP line with Internal Mixer Twin Screw Extrusion ACP line (TSE) Single Screw Extrusion ACP line (SSE)
Extrusion design Twin screw feeder + Single screw extruder Twin screw extruder Single screw extruder
Extrusion for FR Easy Hard Very Difficult
Screw consumption/wear off Low High High
Energy Cost Low High Medium
Core material for regular panels LDPE (40%) + Filler (60%) LDPE (50%) + CaCo3 (50%) 100% Recycle LDPE
Cost saving efficiency for regular panels 35% over saving than TSE
55% over saving than SSE
25% over saving than SSE No saving
Core material for FR panels LDPE (35%) + Al(OH)3 + Filler LDPE (35%) + Al(OH)3 (65%) FR-B1 pellet
Cost saving efficiency for FR panels 15% over saving than TSE
65% over saving than SSE
50% over saving than SSE No saving

Depending upon the final products and customer’s requirements, the specification and arrangement of the line may vary. Fast in production speed , superior flatness on surface, highly resistance to impact and corrosion.


The above specification is for reference only. Customers’ specification is available upon requests.

ALUMAX has the right to make any change.

Item & Type 1600 mm 2000 mm
Production Capacity (Based on 4 m/mt, 0.5/3.0/0.5 A.C.P) 6,000 Sq. meter/Day (3 shifts x 24 Hrs) 6,000 Sq. meter/Day (3 shifts x 24 Hrs)
ACP Width 1,000 ~ 1,600mm (max.) 1,000 ~ 2,000mm (max.)
ACP Thickness 2 ~ 6 mm 2 ~ 6 mm
Strip Thickness 0.20 ~ 0.6 mm 0.20 ~ 0.6 mm
Line Speed 2.0 ~ 7.0 m/min 2.0 ~ 7.0 m/min
Coil O/D Ø1300 mm Ø1500 mm
Coil I/D Ø405 mm,Ø508 mm Ø405 mm,Ø508 mm
Coil Weight 5,000 Kgs or on request 5,000 Kgs or on request
Coating Painted Polyester, PVDF Polyester, PVDF
Line Space Dimension 62,000L x 12,000W x 5,500H mm 65,000L x 15,000W x 5,500H m/m
Line Weight 105,000kgs (approx.) 120,000kgs (approx.)
Line Power Motors 700KW & Heaters 420KW (approx.) Motors 700KW & Heaters 420KW (approx.)
Cooling Water Consumption 1.0 ~ 2.5 m³/hour 1.0 ~ 3.0 m³/hour
Compressed Air Consumption 1.2 ~ 2.3 M³/min 1.5 ~ 2.5 M³/min

Coil thickness 0.2mm below on requests

High speed (9m/min,12m/min) on requests

Flow Line
Auto Loading
PE Based Pellet
Filler + additive
Dispersion & Distribution Mixing
Core Extruding
Extruding Dies
Adhesive Pellet
Glue Extruding
Adhesive Layer
Adhesive Films
  • Top Side

    Aluminm Coated Coil

  • Reverse Side

    Aluminm Cleaned Coil or Aluminum Coated Coils

Leveling & Protective Film Laminating
Edge Trimming
Take Off
Cutting to Length
Auto Stacking
Finish Product( A.C.P)