New advanced ACM/SCM production line for Trucks and Trailers


Having been working in the manufacture of metal composite panel lines for over three decades, Alumax has a deep understanding of metal materials as well as their corresponding applications in many industries. Recently, the company is planning a product launch plan for their composite panel production line for trucks and trailers, which promises the best competence as well as performance for the applications.

Alumax’s ACP is designed with a distinguished structure and materials. The composite materials absorb vibrations and shocks while traveling, rendering less wear and tear on furnished components such as the brakes of trucks and trailers. The benefit of metal composite materials is the weight of the finished panels, which are less heavy and more durable. Moreover, the corresponding assembly procedure is comparatively easier than that of conventional panels. Furthermore, since the ACP material is recyclable, it supports the green idea of environmental sustainability while not being fragile at the same time. Alumax’s composite panel production line for trucks and trailers gives buyers many benefits compared with conventional solutions.

Great flexibility, tough quality, high efficiency, and safety factors make Alumax's composite panel production line for trucks and trailers a good and reliable investment for buyers all over the world.

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